Dankesbrief von Eitan Avitsur

Eitan Avitsur (Bild: P. Rothmund)

Im Nachgang zu unserem „Konzert der Begegnung“ erhielten wir von Eitan Avitsur, der einige Konzertstücke der Blasharmoniker dirigiert hatte, einen herzlichen Dankesbrief, der uns sehr gefreut hat.


Auch für uns war dieses Konzert eine besondere Erfahrung und ein Ausflug in eine andere musikalische Welt.


Hier können Sie den ganzen Brief lesen.



Dear Andreas.

It was a wonderful week I had experienced in Gersthofen with the lovely people
in the two orchestras of your music school. Usually a visitor can see only those
who are taking care about the everyday’s organization but always there is a
large group of good persons standing in the background supporting the project
and working hard to make it a successful story. Very often they are working
much harder.

Please forward my gratitude feelings to all who were involved in that project, in
the organization, the accommodation, the kosher meals and every detail that had
to do with my visit. A special thanks to the orchestras’ members for their
wonderful and indulgent cooperation, without it nothing good could come out of
our work.

Very special thanks to you Andreas, for your unusual devotion and concern
about every part of the program, the cordial and friendly way you have taken
everything that came up, solved any problem even when I could not imagine
there is a solution.

I hope very much to have another opportunity to work with you and make good
music in an original and unique programs.

Yours warmly,
Eitan Avitsur